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Overland Avenue Elementary opened its doors in 1931 and continues to serve our neighborhood children today. Teachers, parents, students, alumni, as well as the surrounding neighborhood and business community of the Los Angeles Westside, have enthusiastically worked toward building this distinguished academic school. These efforts paid off most recently when Overland became a School for Advanced Studies (SAS) and now draws its enrollment from both neighborhood children and well-qualified students from throughout the greater Los Angeles area. This development has provided all students with the opportunity for greater academic excellence without losing the personal caring, nurturing, safety, and intimacy of a neighborhood school.

Enrollment stands at approximately 480 students, which is an increase over past years. The school works hard to maintain an average class size for K-3 students at twenty-four so that when class size increases in grades 4-5, students have a strong educational basis from which to build. All students enjoy the recently enhanced library, access to the computer lab, and a wonderful hands-on science lab. Overland just won the Governor’s Spotlight Award and gold medal for its school-wide morning fitness program called “Overland in Motion.” Thanks to this type of dedication and care Overland’s current Academic Performance Index (API) for 2010 is 945, a rise over 2009’s score of 926. The API is a score California gives each school based on student test scores. 800 is the target API score; 1000 is the maximum.

Overland Avenue Elementary School, 10650 Ashby Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064 Principal: Ms. Anna Born 310 838-7308

Like Overland, Castle Heights Elementary is a School for Advanced Studies (SAS), and its students reap many opportunities for academic excellence as a result. Enrollment currently stands at approximately 585 students, which is slightly below last year’s total of 600. Castle Heights has been successful in rallying support not only from its parents and alumni, but also from the local neighborhood and business community. This support has helped to enhance many programs including art, computer lab, library, and tutoring. The students are also very excited about their new organic gardening program.

Their API index is rising, with a score of 903 in 2011. Castle Heights has a new principal, Mr. Brian Grass. He is enthusiastic, energetic, and very much looking forward to getting to know students, parents and interested neighbors! Contact the Future Families Coordinator, Tamar Askin, for more info at: [email protected]

Castle Heights Elementary School, 9755 Cattaragus Street, Los Angeles, CA 90034 Principal: Mr. Brian Grass 310 839-4528.

Our neighborhood middle school is Palms Middle School, which is also a School for Advanced Studies. Like Overland, this enables both neighborhood children and well-qualified students from across the city to enroll and helps to maintain high academic standards for all. Palms is also a Gifted Magnet School and has been recognized by the Los Angeles Unified School District as a 2009 Model of Excellence Magnet.

Overall enrollment is considered stable at around 1,800 students. Sixty percent of all students (excluding special education students) have earned placement in the Gifted Magnet, Honors, or SAS programs. The school is proud of their academic program. Their Academic Performance Index (API) continues to rise and reached 847 in 2010, versus 840 in 2009 and 822 in 2008. Palms has an outstanding music program giving beginners a chance to learn while advanced students perform in select instrumental and choral groups. The wonderful visual arts and drama programs attract many students. Exceptional teachers bring out the best in the Palms students with creative and challenging classes in science, math, English, history, and fitness. Students graduate from Palms with a well-rounded education and a firm foundation of study skills for the future.

Palms Middle School, 10860 Woodbine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90034 Principal: Ms. Bonnie Murrow 310 253-7600.

Like Overland, Hamilton High was established in 1931 and today serves over 3000 students. In an effort to better connect students with both peers and educators at this large school, each student is enrolled in either Magnet programs or one of four small learning communities. The two Magnet programs are well-established: The Academy of Music and Humanities. The four Small Learning Communities include: the Business & Interactive Technology School; the Mathematics, Science, and Medical Center; the Global Studies Program, and the Communication Arts Academy.

Engaging its students with these smaller communities, as well as the popular after-school tutoring program run by UCLA, has resulted in a steady increase in test scores, with Hamilton achieving an API index of 710 in 2010, a 25 point increase over 2009’s score of 685. Last year the school earned the 25th highest score in the state of California in the Academic Decathlon and participated for the fifth year in the Model Congress program hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. There is a focus on excellence in academics, theater, and sports. Hamilton High won the 2009 football Varsity City Championship. This Fall, go see a wonderful musical production at Hamilton High!

Alexander Hamilton Senior High School, 2955 S Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90034 Principal: Mr. Gary Garcia 310 280-1400.